Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This time of year, Saffy gets a bit warm in her winter coat. She likes to crawl into the shade under the brush pile where she's created a den by chewing the branches.

When she's not tunneling under the brush, she frequently rolls. Pretty soon, all that winter hair will start to come out and there will be patches of hair left behind on the lawn where she's rolled!


2paw said...

What great Saffy photos, she looks very chuffed!! Peri loves the burrowing and the rolling too. I am always amazed at their Winter undercoat: I think they must loses kilos when it comes out. And it is so soft and luxurious and white. We're gearing up for Winter so Harki and Peri are undercoating up!!!

Debby said...

She is so cute!! Do you have to do a lot of brushing?? Or does it take care of itself?

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