Friday, October 14, 2011


The nursery is still under destruction...umm, I mean, fuel is needed for the weekend ahead! What could be better than about 10,000 calories of brownies?!

This weekend's project will be drywalling a ceiling. Just what every pregnant woman wants to be helping with at about 27 weeks, LOL!

This was another new to me recipe from One More Slice by Leila Lindholm. (I love when a cookbook makes me want to try all the recipes in it.) I skipped the frosting as we need to have energy, not a sugar coma.

It is very rich and chocolaty. I used Bensdorp cocoa powder in it which has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. Of course, we cut into it while it was still warm from the oven.

I'll have to freeze most of it!

The baguettes, from my last post, have been so good. I had slices topped with cream cheese today. Jeff took one loaf to work where it was eaten up! I still have two halves in the freezer to thaw and warm over the next few days.

I'm wondering, does anyone know the best way to store french bread overnight to preserve the crunchiness of the crust? I usually just bag it and let the crust go chewy which is nice too, but I'm wondering if wrapping it in a tea towel is a better option? Or some other idea...?

The baking gods must be smiling on me lately as I've been having wonderful success in the kitchen with some new recipes. Also, I entered a King Arthur Flour Company drawing on Facebook and won a coupon for a free 5 pound bag of their All Purpose Flour!

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2paw said...

Your brownie looks heavenly!!! Good luck with the nursery, maybe you do need frosting??
I am at a loss as to how to keep bred crusty. I usually wrap crusty bread in tissue paper and keep it in the cupboard.It stays crisp to the next day at least.
Congratulations on your win!!