Friday, November 12, 2010

Windy Walkies

The wind sure blows a lot this time of year. I'm amazed that some cattails were still standing! It's also amazing they are not blurred, considering how much they were moving about.

The water must have been quite chilly as the dogs just had a quick wade out to elbow height and a little drink.

Heading back home. We probably won't get to do this walk much more as a house lot has been started on the crest of the hill, in the middle of the field. The land is for sale with the option to build one house...better than the attempted plan of an entire subdivision though! That development plan fell through since the land is a watershed area for the reservoir. I wish this rare bit of open space could remain. There is so much wildlife there and I'm not sure where they will go when it is occupied by people!

Some pretty fruits in bushes along one of the stone walls. I'm surprised they haven't been eaten up! Perhaps they are very sour? The squirrels have already eaten every red berry in our yew trees this season.

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2paw said...

That is very disappointing, to know a house will be built there. I know you can console yourself it's not a whole division, but it is a loss. Saffy and Silas look a little tired on their way home, it must have been chilly if they didn't have a swim!!