Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bath Night!

'Excuse Me! A little privacy?!'

The rinse water gets SOOOO dirty looking! UGH!

'I think I'm pruney now...'

'Woe...I've been working so hard on this smell and waxy coat waterproofing...'

'I can't wait to find something smelly to roll in. Soap smell is so boring!'

The towel part is the best. I wrap them like they are cocooned, lift them out of the tub and then the fun begins--LOTS of wriggling and trying to shake, while I frantically try to keep the towel over them while rubbing all the water off at the same time!


2paw said...

Look at those wet babies in their bath!! Silas looks so thin and Saffy does look cross that you are taking photos of her in her bath!!
They hate being dried, don't they. Mine like to immediately find something horrid to roll in.

Ginger said...

I moved into a new house in February that has a wonderful deep sink in the laundry room with a spray faucet -- they must have had a dog that didn't like baths either! Of course, my pup is all of 10 pounds but I get that same "wrap up in a towel and try to stop them from shaking"... let's just say the mirror over the sink has to be wiped down after a bath!

knitseashore said...

Do you have to bathe Saffy & Silas often or only if they get into something stinky? I'm so glad I don't have to bathe the cats; we used to give our cats flea baths back in the 80s and they were wet rockets as soon as they could get free, dripping all over the house!!

Sarah said...

Ginger, A laundry room sink sounds like a perfect dog bath! Can you stand while using it? It is a little hard being on my knees and leaning over the edge of the tub to scrub the dogs. It is amazing how much water sprays off a dog!!!