Friday, November 19, 2010

Today's Walkies

Because of a house lot being developed where we usually did nature walks, this is now the trail we will be going to all the time. Now, we will have to walk a little ways on roads, but they give us easy access to a nice public trail.

Here is the part of the trail we begin at when we turn off the road. That is *not* snow on the trail! It is just white paint marking exposed, trippy tree roots! It was actually a nice warm day, for November. Saffy's nose is in the corner.

'Oooohhh! Cows!!'

Along this stretch, I just hope Silas won't pee on the electric fence!!

The dogs are tempted to choose different sides of the turnstile where we cross the cow path.

'Why are we sitting? We want to go to there!!'

Saffy seems to love all the woodsy smells.

The boardwalks are really nice to walk along.

The natural trail portions are good too. The trail goes through the center of the picture and through the gap in the old stonewall.

There is a bridge over this stream.

The bridge even has railings.

The dogs are good, but since I am very cautious with them on roads, you will notice in the pics that I have the heavy metal collars on and combined with the nose loop, on Silas. They don't seem to mind and it gives me a sense of security that I can keep them out of traffic.

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