Monday, November 22, 2010

Dog Walk Video

I managed to improve the upload quality of the video I mentioned in the last post. My upload settings had defaulted to low resolution/small file size. You can now see it in 480p, though I'd skip full screen.

Saffy and Silas can heel too, but I like to let them walk out in front like this, as long as they don't pull on me. They walk together so well, I think they could pull a cart, but they would probably look dismayed and sit down if they were asked to do so! We did over 5 miles and they were still perky at the end, though they have been happy to sleep since getting home.


2paw said...

I know that dogs panting sound so well, they love to walk, don't they. Mine are the same, they go for a walk and then come home and play!! I especially liked the part at the end when their ears went all alert!! Love the sound of the leaves!!

Kristen said...

I hope you and the dogs got a good walk in today in the spring-like weather.
I used to walk 2 dogs at a time, but finally had to do 1 at a time as they would yank me all over the place, especially if something of interest turned up (rabbits, other dogs, etc.).