Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Summery Saturday

I have signed up for my second year of the Tour de France KAL and chosen the yellow jersey. I'll post about my anticipated project when my supplies arrive!

This morning, Jeff and I drove over to Narragansett with our bikes to meet up with a friend for a ride. We began at 7 and had some cool-ish haze/fog protecting us from the full heat of the sun. A raccoon crossed our path at one point. I'm not sure what it was doing out in the daytime! It looked a little wobbly, so we were glad to get past it quickly. You can see on the chart that we did 26 miles at 18.2 mph average.

Later in the day, we had a lot of fun playing with the dogs as they enjoyed the paddle pool.

Saffy has to roll after each dip and several times she got filthy rolling where we burned the brush pile several weeks ago. Jeff had to give her some showers, which she actually seems to like...hmmm...maybe she was getting dirty on purpose?!

Even in the heat, Silas wanted to play fetch.

The flowers could use some rain, but are doing OK for now. There are some peonies and phlox by the house.

In the 'island' bed, the Canterbury Bells are at their peak now.

In the 'butterfly garden' there are so many pretty shades of pink and a bit of blue.

Lastly, I have basically finished Tea Time! I just have to find the right buttons for it. Hopefully I'll have some pics to share with you soon!


heather t said...

Your butterfly garden is very pretty! I want to put one in someday. Rain always trashes my peonies, so enjoy the dry weather a little longer. Tour de France is up? I'll have to go check it out!

knitseashore said...

The dogs look like they are having so much fun!!!

Your garden looks so pretty, even with the threat of the turkeys it has bloomed so nicely. Do you like to pick the flowers and make bouquets?

Devorah said...

You have so many beautiful flowers! Do you get lots of different kinds of butterflies?

2paw said...

Great pictures of the dogs and the paddle pool. Tori the Labrador who used to live with us would always roll in something boogelly after her bath!! I think Saffy likes the hose too, and Silas is so funny, fancy wanting to play in all the heat, but they do want to, don't they???
Not long till the TdF now!!