Wednesday, June 04, 2008

FO: Branching Out Scarf

I finished knitting the Branching Out scarf tonight. It still needs blocking though. It's about 74 inches long, but will get a little wider and shorter from the blocking. The color of the yarn is just impossible to photograph accurately. Here it is with a pair of new shoes. I think it looks nice in person and photographs aren't doing it any justice, though it's probably best to stick to one color yarn for this pattern if you can.

Jeff and I went shopping for shoes at Rockport today armed with a 50% off total purchase coupon. Woohoo!! I got two pairs and really like the rattan heels on the sandals.

Jeff got four(!) pairs and is tempted to go back for one more!

They had a lot of nice styles.

These are so Newport.

It's been a real week of shopping. We also stopped at Brooks Brothers today for Jeff to get some new stuff to wear to an outdoor wedding this weekend. I went to Ann Taylor Loft earlier in the week and a few other shops and did pretty well. I actually bought summer knitted tops. Shouldn't I really make them myself? I have issues with the yarn and the construction of them, but still bought them. I know I could make something better, but it takes me so long! Sometimes it's nice to just have something to wear right away.


knitseashore said...

Congratulations on finishing your scarf! I know what you mean; sometimes you see things in the store you can make yourself, but it's nice to have the basics more quickly.

Anonymous said...

well done on finishing your scarf, it's a lovely colour. nice shoes too ;)

2paw said...

I really like the B/Out. I made one for me and one for a friend!! Yours looks so sophisticated though in those striking colours. What a shoe-fest!!!!