Monday, June 30, 2008

More Not Knitting Pics

I haven't done much knitting lately, so I have to keep this blog going with other pictures for now. Debby and Chris visited on Saturday and we enjoyed viewing some gardens and historic buildings at Prescott Farm. I especially liked the friendly ducks and geese.

Jeff made a couple of new friends.

The ducks were looking for handouts.

The fence inspection squad. I'm sure the geese would love to have a go at the herb garden and strawberries within.

A windmill...or is it a Dalek in disguise?! (Yes, I've watched too much Dr. Who lately!)

Debby and Chris brought us a lovely sunflower for our garden, but I'm keeping it on my kitchen counter for now. It is so bright and cheery!


suitcaseofcourage said...

It was so great to get out with you guys again!

And great pics, as always

knitseashore said...

We had a terrific day with you both, and hope to do it again soon.