Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer Has Arrived

With temps in the 90's, it feels like summer! The dogs are exhausted and bark at yard intruders from a laying down position rather than jumping to their feet as usual.

Saturday, Jeff and I attended the wedding of a couple of his co-workers. It was really lovely, with the vows exchanged at a park on the ocean. The 'chapel' there is outdoors, just the seating and an alter suggesting the layout of a chapel and an arbor for the bride to start her walk down the aisle. It was very sunny, but there was shade for some relief too. I snapped this picture as Jeff and walked across some of the open parkland to the ceremony.

The reception was at a local country club, also on the water. The theme of the wedding was 'seaside' with the colors being blue and white and lots of shells on the tables and even on the wedding cake. The cake and table was even sprinkled with brown sugar a little to resemble sand. Very pretty! I only took a couple of pics, but this one came out ok of the happy couple.

Jeff and I danced a little, something we don't do that often and he only stepped on my toes once ;)

Today, Sunday, is even hotter, so I'm planning to sit somewhere cool and knit and do the chores later when the sun goes down a bit.

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