Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm getting closer to doing some real finishing! I purchased some notions for the secret gift project, but you'll have to check my Ravelry projects to see that.

But I can show you the new stuff for the finishing touches on the Noni Bag. A pair of handles in acrylic bamboo style, grosgrain ribbon for attaching them, and a zipper.
Just playing around with positioning the zipper to see how it might look.
Here is the lining fabric I picked out. It's a linen embroidered with a floral motif. I hope it won't get dirty in the inside of the bag, but the light color will make it easy to find things in there.
Just another view of the lining material.
I also bought some needlepoint canvass to use for reinforcement, but you know what that looks like!

I have to do a bit more blocking before I can get started on the finishing, but I'll start as soon as the knitted part is dry again.

Oh, here are some stamps I got just for fun. And my Starbuck's Latte cup showing the brown motif. I think I like the green one better, but it's still the same good coffee. I'll try to cope with the label change!


Devorah said...

Nice notions! They look like just the right touch.

sloth-knits said...

I like how the label on the handle matches the bag!

Looks like Starbucks is using the logo from their Pike Place branch now...

knitseashore said...

Your lining is pretty, and I like the clear handles! You have been busy!