Monday, April 14, 2008

More Noni Finishing Work

Are you getting tired of this project? You probably want me to get onto something new already! You know, the thing that scared me about the Noni bag project was the finishing, but ironically, I'm having the most fun with that part! Funny how things work out.

Of course, it's not quite over yet!

Here is the stiffener I made from plastic needlepoint canvass.

The end. I started with a 6" round piece of needlepoint canvass, but I did have to trim off one row of squares to make it fit.
I tucked the canvass piece into the bag. This view mostly shows the stitches I made for attaching the zipper, in case you were curious about that.
Here's a better picture of the canvass...a good fit! Phew!!! After taking this picture, I sewed in the canvass. I sewed it along the opening just under the zipper edge using the zipper edge as a guide for keeping it more or less straight. I just tacked it down at various other points, particularly the center of the ends.
Then, it was time to work on the linen lining. I cut the circular ends and a piece for the body, leaving 1/2" seam allowances. After sewing the ends, I made little cuts in the seam allowance to allow for it to curve better and ironed a bunch.
Here's what the right side of the lining looks like.
I've starting sewing the top lining edges to the zipper material, trying to keep the stitches more or less invisible. This is slow going for me and my fingers are feeling a little tired from all the hand sewing they aren't used to doing.
I thought about doing a pocket, but instead am thinking of doing a little bag to go inside, maybe using the leftover yarn and/or leftover lining material, maybe felting it too. A matching mobile cozy could be fun too.

The original bag has a flower on it. I don't have the pattern for this and might skip it as I kind of like the plain look at the moment. It might be fun to make a little beaded pull for the zipper tab or maybe a little bead/charm thingy to hang from one of the handle ends.

Of course, I might not get to those extras at all, but at least the actual bag should be finished really soon! I'm really wanting to start a new Noni pattern. The tricky thing is picking just one! Maybe I can get a few as a reward for finishing this one ;)


2paw said...

You definitely need a reward: this is like French Haute Couture!!!

knitseashore said...

It looks fantastic. You are doing an incredible job with all the sewing and finishing work!!