Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Fresh Start

I hope everyone had wonderful New Year's Eve celebrations last night and aren't too tired today.

Jeff and I celebrated at home with the pets. We watched the rest of the episodes of My Hero Season 2, one of the shows we got for xmas. I am so bummed that there are no more seasons on DVD yet! Will they hurry up?!

We both used the new computers some and are still stunned by how fast cable high speed is! Later, we tuned into the broadcast from Times Square to see the ball drop.

We indulged in various nibbles, but the real treat was Chocolate Mousse for dessert.

Yes, it is so rich that you might be exposed to some calories just from looking at the picture!

So, on to the new beginnings...

First thing, my sharp new computer monitor allowed me to see that my profile photo was absolutely horrid. So, I've posted a new one that's at least slightly less awful!

I started on Ravelry last night! How fun that is, now that I have cable high speed. Feel free to comment with your identity here so I can make friends...mine is theknittinkitten.

I tend to 'start over' with things throughout the year anytime I feel like I've derailed, but I still like to make a few resolutions.

My crafting ones are:
-Finish things I started in 2007 (Hopefully that won't take all of '08!)
-Make more smaller things, so I have more FO's
-Make a sweater for Jeff
-Start 2008 xmas gifts earlier
-Sew, starting with projects from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts book

I'm still not worried about structuring myself too much. I'm going to permit myself to cast on things on a whim. (I'll count on my blog friends for an intervention if that gets out of hand, ok?!)

My general ones are:
-Eat healthfully and locally/seasonally when possible
-Keep on bicycling!
-Live in the moment and each day to the fullest!

Well, there you have it. I'm so amazed by all the truly inspiring posts people wrote to wrap up '07 and look ahead to '08. Happy New Year everyone and best of luck with your resolutions!


Kristen said...

Hey, Ravelry friend, I see you are having fun with the new computer! The chocolate mousse looks heavenly. Your general goals for 2008 would be good for all of us to adopt.

belaybunny said...

happy new year. good luck with the resolutions!! nice to see you on ravelry too ;) I like the look of your cycling book, and that chocolate mousse has made me all hungry!! Great looking laptop as well.

heather t said...

Hi - you can friend me on Ravelry - heathert - but I'm not on there much.

Love the cute red laptop!

knitseashore said...

I like your goals for 2008 too -- manageable but not too rigid (I have a list as long as my arm right now and have to cut them down). But more bicycling is definitely on there. I'm glad you're on ravelry too!

madalyn said...

Thanks for adding me as a friend on Ravelry! That chocolate mousse looks sooooo good!