Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Is On The Way!

It's the time of year when mother nature teases us with a few beautiful, warm days and then freezes us again with cold, gloppy days. Despite the erratic weather, cycling season is picking up!

Last Saturday, we watched criterion training races in Connecticut. Our friend Chris rode brilliantly and finished 6th. In this picture, he is on the outside of the curve riding a red bike.

The weather was about 45 degrees at the races, but it felt more raw and cold than that. The four of us had hoped to ride the rail trails after the races, but we were cold and the trails were still covered with snow in the shadows.

Warmer weather arrived on Sunday, so Jeff and I did a 14 mile ride together. Since the clocks changed, it means that it is light enough for Jeff to ride after work. On Monday, I biked 50.32 miles and Jeff did about half of that ride with me. On Tuesday, we did another 21. It looks like we'll have an afternoon ride today, but then the cold weather will be moving back into the area for several days.

At last my total miles count is starting to go up and I'm closing in on 500 (see my sidebar).


Chris said...

Great post and super photo! Who IS that masked man? LOL!

Greeley said...

Great photo! I'm impressed that you're almost to 500 miles.

knitseashore said...

We had a great time, despite the's hoping no more races are snowed out!

Congrats on your 500 miles -- wow!