Friday, March 23, 2007

Show & Tell: Handbags

I figure it's time for another installment of Show & Tell. I'm trying to feature one of my collections each month! A lot of these things spend most of the time tucked away in closets, so it's nice to have an excuse to get them out to look at and enjoy a bit.

Family members have given me a number of handbags over the years, so I have inadvertently ended up with a collection and will show you several of them. The first three pictured are Whiting & Davis bags. I've actually never used the white ones, but I did use the black one a bit in college. They seem to go in and out of style on a regular basis!

These last two are sweet petit point purses that I really quite like. The first one I've never used, but I have on display in a curio in my living room with other 'girly' vintage things.

This one I especially like and I've used it as well. One time, I took it to a midnight poetry reading and concert at Marble House, one of the amazing Newport Mansions!

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Debby said...

What beautiful purses! You have some real treasures there, and in such beautiful condition too. The poetry reading sounds amazing!