Sunday, March 18, 2007

A New Toy!

I've had just one digital camera since April, 2003, and with all the advances in technology, it was definitely time to buy a new one. I've been researching and reading reviews off and on for awhile, but got serious about it in the past week and made a decision. I got it today! It's the Sony Cyber-shot and it's PINK! There was a little charge on the battery when I got it, so I was able to test it out right away and I'm happy with it so far. It has features I'll use and I love the styling too. It's very comfortable to hold and operate. So far, it's been intuitive to use and I haven't even needed to refer to the instructions.
I thought this stone church would be a pretty subject for a series of test pics.

It has lovely stained glass windows.

This beech tree is in the church-yard and isn't it a perfect subject for Project Spectrum?

The new camera is tiny and will fit in a jersey pocket so I can take it with me on my bike rides!

Edited to add: The church is Saint Columba's in Middletown, RI.


suitcaseofcourage said...

Congrats on the new camera! And where is that BEAUTIFUL church??!! Those are some gorgeous pics - and I know the camera is only as good as the photographer!

Does it have a "bike race" mode? ;^)

Debby said...

Enjoy your new camera!! It's a great color and will be perfect for documenting spring and summer colors!!

Kristen said...

The camera is adorable in pink. What a great tree - I wonder if it has been nominated as an "RI Notable Tree?"