Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yarn Orders, etc.

I am anxiously watching the mail for my yarn order noted below as well as a second order I placed from Knit Picks for Sierra (tide and cinnamon) and Simple Stripes (vineyard and storm). I'm planning to make 2 chunky cable handbags with the Sierra and socks with the self-striping yarn.

Last night, on knitting autopilot, I went 8 rows beyond where I was meant to and had to frog it a bit, but am on track again today. I hate when I make those autopilot mistakes as they would be so easily prevented if I just paid attention! Arrgh! But 8 rows isn't too bad, things could have been a lot worse. I'm still working on the striped, v-neck sweater, but I am almost done with the second sleeve.

It is gorgeous out today and I'm going to have to set up the patio furniture soon, so I can do my knitting outside!

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Helen said...

I did one of those "not paying attention" mistakes last night on my sock, but luckily I was only 1 row past where I was supposed to be. But it still is annoying.