Thursday, April 13, 2006

Project pictures!

Well, I am soooo close to finishing the striped, v-neck sweater. All that remains to finish is the neckline edge and weave in yarn ends! The neck will be quick to do, but I do not have the needles I need to do it, so I’ve got to find the right size at a shop before I can finish. That’s the trouble with being a new knitter! I never seem to have the right size needles for a project despite having bought so many already! Anyway, the seaming went smoothly and the stripes lined up (yay!). Here’s a picture of the almost completed sweater!

Also, since I am waiting for the yarn order for my next projects, but need something to knit in the meantime, I cast on some acrylic yarn from my grandmother’s stash to make Lola, a Debbie Bliss pattern from the angora cotton book. The color did not come out accurately in the photo. It is actually seafoam. I’m not sure who I’m making it for yet, but if it comes out well, I might give it to my cousin’s daughter.

Sorry about the pics being dark, it is cloudy out today and that makes it so hard to take a good picture inside!

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head of the table said...

Wow, that little girl sweater is lovely. You say that's from the Debbie Bliss Angora Cotton book? How does the gauge on the Red Heart match up? If well, I might try to find that pattern and go for a worsted weight sub as well. Thanks.