Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Magazine Buying (confession!)

I am such a magazine junky! I'm almost embarrassed to admit to buying more, but last night, there were 2 new knitting mags at Barnes and Noble and they both came home with me.

I got Knitting, Issue 23 with the cute sweater-dress on the cover and would like to make that at some point, but will start with the cardi on page 48 as soon as I have the yarn in hand. The only thing holding up my order is trying to pick the color from a scanned color card--ack!--as the yarn is not available locally as far as I can tell.

I also bought Simply Knitting, Issue 13. I know some family members who would like the Rainbow Wrap and I'd love to use the recommended Debbie Bliss cashmerino for it, IF my yarn fund isn't too depleted!

Ever since making the sweet, mini teddy bear from the Christmas-time Simply Knitting, I've wanted to try a larger bear, so I'm also looking forward to making a Bedtime Bear from Issue 13.

Well, it's dark and drizzly out today--an excellent day for knitting!! I'm working on the sleeves for the v-neck sweater still. I can't wait to have the finished pics to post here!!

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Helen said...

I'm a magazine junkie too; I love buying them, although I've had to curtail my current buying lately.

I guess I'll be checking out B&N this weekend. :)