Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fun in the Nursery and Test Fitting a Door

I keep finding the dog in different positions when I look into the nursery!

He is quite a character!

Jeff is caught up with assembling baby things...for the moment. He recently put together the stroller and the bouncer.

Yay! Looks like the picture!

Here is the first look at the new closet door cut down to size and being test fit. It is just primed, so it needs paint. I guess we have to get a new set of hinges for it as the modern door is narrower than the original one. The door frame isn't quite square, of course!, so the door will have to be planed to fit.

I need to figure out what kind of knob and/or latch to get for it.

I'm still really happy with the look of the nursery as I see it throughout the day in different lighting. Here it is mid morning with natural light filtering through shades and curtains. It will be bright when needed, but also conducive to napping too.

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2paw said...

Old houses are never square and ours here are Imperial while new fittings and other things are Metric, so that helps too. The dog is so cute!!! The room looks lovely mid morning!!