Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 Months to Go!

I am excited to be heading into the last weeks of pregnancy. So far, everything has been going smoothly. The baby is getting very strong and pokes my stomach out in funny ways and we try to guess what body part it is. One can see the kicks rather than having to feel for them. He kicks throughout the day and night! I guess those nighttime kicking sessions are preparing me for even more interrupted sleep in my future. Today, I took a nap and actually dreamed about beds and sleeping!

My only difficulty is some hip and pelvis pain as the ligaments loosen up. I am not able to go for a proper dog walk and stairs can really make me hurt too. It's not bad every day, but I really notice it is worse if I do too much on a busy day and then I have to rest. I so miss sleeping on my stomach or resting on my stomach to read a book or just to flex my back the other way! I know my hips will be grateful when I can vary my positions to include stomach or back sleeping again.

I'm still keeping busy and mowed the lawn recently and cut back the butterfly bushes too. The upper body workout was good for me and I didn't have to walk much. I have plenty more cutting to keep me busy for awhile and I doubt I will get to all of it this year, but I don't want to fall too behind.

I've gained about 15 pounds. I am still wearing my pre-pregnancy tee shirts and yoga pants. I did recently get some of the yoga pants in one size up so they would stretch better around the bump, hopefully right to my due date. I have not been able to wear maternity jeans yet as they fall rapidly (and alarmingly!) down as soon as I try to walk, but perhaps they will work in the last weeks. I don't think I should have bought 5 pairs!! I don't know if I'll have to get any maternity shirts in the last weeks or not. I am not too worried about being stylish, so as long as the tees cover me, I'll try to wear them to avoid having a lot of barely worn maternity clothes in the closet. Besides, I can cover the tees with sweaters and scarves, so no one really sees them anyway!

I am eating lots of little meals/snacks at this point. It is funny how often the baby starts to kick as soon as I start to eat, like he doesn't like losing any space! I've been making Nigella's Breakfast Bars each week for Jeff and I. They are a good snack for me with lots of protein, yet also sweet enough to satisfy cravings. I am also really loving smoothies. I make them with partially thawed strawberries and blueberries and non fat Greek yogurt. I was recently shown that Greek yogurt has a lot of protein compared with the plain kind I was using...more flavor and better for me?! Yay!!

My mother has been sending a lot of new clothing for the baby and has sent a few oldies too. This is a hat my grandmother made for me! I think it will be cute to put on my son. The ribbed part can be folded up and looks cute that way too.

Jeff is still working on the nursery, but is finishing the painting phase. There is still a little more carpentry to do and small bits of painting after that, but it is getting there. I can't wait for it to be done! Then, we have furniture to move, baby furniture to assemble and accessories, clothes and toys to arrange. I am looking forward to that last part most of all!


2paw said...

I am glad you are enjoying your pregnancy even though there are a few tricky things. It won't be long till you have a new baby!! He will have a gorgeous hat to wear and how lovely to have it knitted by your nan!!
The breakfast bars are very yummy. I was just reading a piece in the paper today about the benefits of Greek yoghurt, so you are on a winner there.
I hope that there might be a sneak preview of the nursery one day??
Take care, and I hope your trousers stay up!!!

Kristen said...

Two more months- you can make it! Isn't pregnancy amazing? The hat is beautiful, and it is so cool that your grandmother knit it for you and now your son will wear it.