Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Garden Progress Pics

This is a little Barbarella eggplant starting to form. I'll have to be careful of those spikes when I pick it! The color shading is pretty.

It's time to start making some salsa! Look at all those Jalapenos we can start picking now. These are Fooled You Jalapenos with the flavor, but no heat. We can use as many as we like and then add some of the hot varieties to provide heat to taste without overwhelming the dish.

These are Cherry Bomb peppers that will start turning red soon.

The husks are not filled yet, but I am already thinking about all the Tomatillo salsa I want to make!

The flowers continue to add a lot of color to the yard. A 'fuzzy' stalk of Liatris.

Some cute Balloon flowers. I love the way they pop open!

I can't resist posting another view of some of the Coneflowers. We are waiting for the Casa Blanca lilies to bloom behind them. You can see the large buds forming.


Kristen said...

Your veggies and flowers are really booming! I like the idea of a jalepeno without the heat- my mouth can't take much hot/spicy taste. Good idea with the garden spreadsheet. WHEN I had a garden I would just draw one out by hand to help me remember what grew where, what did well and what did not, etc.

2paw said...

Yum, jalapenos!!! I love spicy and hot flavours!! Your flowers are beautiful and I think you should send Jane an eggplant!!