Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carrying On

We still find ourselves looking for Bandit, walking down the stairs in such a way as to not step on him or closing the outside door like we have OCD to keep him safe indoors. Saffy and Silas have been confused and a bit depressed and look for him in the recycle bin where he loved to sleep and check the place his bed used to be. We've been looking through old pictures. I'm glad I took so many and only wish I'd remembered to just run the video recorder now and then. I can't believe that I have only found 2 short videos. Here are some more scans that predate the digital cameras and blog.

This was the night we brought him home from the shelter. He strolled around the house checking things out. He was snuffling loudly as he had a cold and we can still recall the amplified sound of that as he investigated under the fridge! After a brief look, he seemed to completely relax and make himself at home. He loved Jeff's soft fleece top.

Another pic from the early days.

The first of many beds. He was always appreciative of new beds and toys. The toy next to him was his favorite 'foot long mousie'.

About a month after his adoption, we brought home Saffy and they bonded straight away.

Don't they look like trouble here?!

These pictures are in a big box of prints I still have to scan and organize sometime, so perhaps I will post some more at some point. I also have a lot taken with the first digital camera that predated the blog too.

But now, I'd better do a garden update as we are in the peak of the growing season! The garden has gotten way ahead of me over the past few weeks. I've been picking, but have not properly kept up with tying tomatoes or weeding. It won't really affect the harvest, it's mainly just cosmetic and makes it harder to walk around in the garden. I also have to mow, so excuse the shaggy edges!

The peas have gone by and Jeff recently pulled out the support fences. Soon, I will mow over them with the lawn tractor and rake out the debris to add to the compost bin.

Here is a view of the very wild tomatoes. They are sprawling every which way and they are loaded with green tomatoes. I spied an almost ripe cherry tomato today.

Some of the green tomatoes.

Some of the peppers need staking after a downpour. We must have had some wind too? If you look closely you can see the jalapenos starting to grow.

This view shows eggplants in the foreground and more tomatoes in the background. We ate our first eggplant (an asian variety) with dinner last night and it was delicious! It was a very early setting one though, so it may be awhile before we get more.

We are at the height of zucchini season now and eating them for dinner most nights.

Everything has grown so vigorously that there isn't much room for walking between the rows. From left to right in this picture are plum tomatoes, zucchini and tomatillos. There are already many husks formed on the tomatillos.

I haven't been taking as many flower pics this year, but they are blooming very well. At the moment we have veronica, butterfly weed, hollyhock, ox-eye daisy, hyssop, and some more I'm forgetting at the moment! Also, there are some pretty pink hues from the flowering yarrow

and coneflowers.

There were some visitors to the neighbor's yard this morning--about 15 babies and a few adult wild turkeys! The babies are quite cute.

I just hope they stay out of the garden!!

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2paw said...

What gorgeous pictures of Bandit, I love the curled up one, and Saffy and Bandit did look as if they'd be trouble!!! Those zucchinis are great and look yummy. Oh turkeys!! Fancy that!!