Friday, June 03, 2011

Slowly Getting the Garden All In

It was a hard spring for starting a garden, but nevertheless, it is slowly starting to come together. It was so cold and damp that plants didn't want to start growing and it was hard to move the indoor seedlings outside. Then, the weather seemed to do a 180 shift and got warm and sunny and the garden soil went quite powdery and dry! That was followed by cool, fall-like, very windy days.

Many of the peppers were planted out over the Memorial Day weekend.

The eggplants were also planted out over the weekend.

During this week, Jeff tilled again and we put down more plastic mulch for the rest of the peppers and the cucumbers. I need to do some direct sowing and hook up the drip lines asap.

Wednesday evening, we were in a tornado watch area, but we were lucky that all the storms missed us. We had a little shower of rain and some wind, but nothing bad enough to hurt the garden. I feel for all the people to the north of us with so much clean up to do. I hate to imagine all the new little gardens people just planted that got hailed on or ripped up by wind!! I was surprised the next day, when we did get a lot of wind the weather people didn't bother to mention. The garden really got beat on and a lot of leaves were torn. It was strong enough to blow the lawn furniture around and I kept getting leaves in the face when I went out to round it up! I am going to have to try to tie up some of the peas. Hopefully everything else will be ok.

Here is a view of the peas. I got 4 different varieties, which is why the heights are different. I kind of wish I'd gotten all tall ones...the low ones are kind of back-breaking to pick!

There are a lot of flowers to take pictures of now, even if they are all listing to the east.

The weigalia flowers are looking beautiful. When I leaned in to take this picture, a bunch of sparrows started to flit about inside the shrub and I wasn't sure what direction they would burst out in! I didn't get crashed into, thankfully!

They give off an amazing scent that drifts all over the yard, especially in the evenings.

These are Buxton's Blue hardy geraniums around the patio area.

Snow in summer, around the lilies that will bloom later on.



What's left of the went by a little fast with some help from the wind.

Knautia, which I think look like little pompoms.

Some blue Salvia.

A detail of a poppy.

Hope you enjoyed the little garden tour!


Lisette said...

I'm so envious of your beautiful property and garden...
I don't think my back could take all that work though.

Can't wait to see what you "whip up" with your summer crop!

2paw said...

You must have been putting in the hard yards in spite of the strange weather your garden looks so lush and productive!! Look at all the peas!! I have seen all the cyclones on the TV, I am glad you are safe.