Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Garden Update

We've had enough rain showers to really help the garden along this year...and the weeds and lawn! I will have to mow and weed after this next batch of rain passes. I've started picking peas. The third row from the right is not behaving very well. It has grown so wild that it has filled the pathways which will make it tricky for picking.

You can get a sense of how many pods there are to pick, shell, blanch and freeze!

The tomatoes are doing well and I should tie them up again soon.

Some of the bushy plum varieties in the foreground. I have 2 kinds of Roma, 2 kinds of San Marzano and a purple colored plum that I can't wait to see and try!

Zukes to the right of the tomatoes. There are some nearly ready for picking and lots of flowers.

Oh, there are quite a few small, green tomatoes on various plants, but these are getting really big. Wouldn't you know it, this is the one plant I'm not sure of the name for?! Ack!!

Eggplants coming along.


I left some tomatillos to reseed themselves and you can see they do well that way. This is a thick clump of them!

Peas for dinner!
Although the peas have white blooms, we found a couple of plants with pretty purple blooms that almost look like orchids. I don't know if they will produce pods or not and I can't keep track of which flowers they were in the wildness of the pea patch...

This is a branch of purple toadflax in the butterfly garden. I love this flower!

By the patio, the lollipop lilies have begun to bloom.

And the feverfew is pretty by the patio as well.

Now, I'd better go shell some peas!!!


knitseashore said...

I hope the wet weather won't ruin your flowers or vegetables. I totally missed my peonies blooming before the downpours destroyed them. The roses are still looking good though.

2paw said...

Oh your garden looks so wonderful and those peas: how delicious they look. Farmers grow poppies here for drug companies, and you often see a whole field with white flowers and a few sports that are red or mauve. It is very strange!!