Sunday, June 05, 2011

Hanging Out in the Yard

In between working on some projects and the garden, we relaxed a bit in the yard on Sunday.

Here is a newly sowed portion of the garden. Hopefully we can remember to keep it watered enough until things come up!

There are quite a few butterflies around, though I haven't gotten a very good picture yet. They are lingering rather high up on the shrubs and rarely stay still for long.

Silas decided some of the trees needed trimming and did his famous leaps to reach them.

Success! A branch to shred.

Saffy is so much lazier. She wanders around eating grass clippings. Fortunately, she's leaving that row of romaine lettuces alone on the edge of the garden! You can see her shaved patch from surgery is growing in.

What she loves best though, is being carried or being a lap dog. She is SO spoiled! Here she is contemplating planting a puppy kiss on Jeff.

Happy and smiley as Jeff carries her over to a lawn chair.

How many labradors get to be lap dogs?!

Oh, life is so hard!


2paw said...

We had lots of butterflies last Summer, so maybe you will too.
Silas leaps so high!! he's so athletic and that stick definitely needed trimming!!
Oh, Saffy is such a big baby, but so are peri and Gilly, they are Lap Dogs too. Saffy is so lucky she has someone to carry her though. What a great big smile she has!!

Anonymous said...

The Amazing Silas!
Saffy looks so happy and cuddly.

Kristen said...

That was me commenting. I'm having trouble with the new identity system.

knitseashore said...

What did you plant in the new section of your garden?

Saffy looks so content, while Silas is too busy!!