Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sriracha Glazed Chicken and Slaw

I am really enjoying the current 'light' issue of Everyday Food. Today, I made up the Sriracha Glazed Chicken to go with the leftover Cabbage/Yogurt Slaw from yesterday and it was *amazing*. This is 'groan with delight' food!

It was a great way to christen the new medium baker I got in the winter Emma Bridgewater sale too. I love my bakers and now have two sizes to choose from. This one is called the Christmas Stars pattern, but I think the colors work any time and will look pretty with things from the garden this summer. Hopefully I'll be able to get the littlest baker in the next sale?! Any pattern would suit me. They are a breeze to clean up!

For the chicken, I used drumsticks as I am not really a fan of wings. I think this recipe would also be very good with thighs. I slashed them a little to let the flavors into the meat. You make a great smelling marinade and after letting it absorb into the chicken for awhile, you bake it until the chicken is melting off the bone and has a sticky glaze.

I'm sorry the recipes aren't available to link to, but the Everyday Food Magazine is just a few dollars, available lots of places (I think) and there are a lot of good ideas in this issue to make it worthwhile.


2paw said...

That looks so yummy!! And good for you too!!! I don't mind wings as a 'nibble', sticky wings are nice, but I prefer thighs. They are tastier and don't dry out like the breast.
Your bakers (which I think we would just call oven proof dishes or casseroles??) are so pretty and you definitely need the whole set!!

knitseashore said...

Just caught up with your posts; I love to see what you are cooking. The pesto rigatoni looks especially good. I don't know if I can make pesto without a food processor though. There was a great recipe in Everyday food for pesto and peas on pasta last year; have you tried that?

I hope you are staying warm. I agree with you -- I am so over the winter and snow. I miss going for walks and riding outside. I hope your dogs aren't going too crazy being indoors a lot more often.