Thursday, January 27, 2011

Putting on My "30 Minute Hat"

I have recently become a big fan of Jamie Oliver. I like that he gardens and his fast, easy and often healthy approach to cooking. I've been on Youtube watching his older show, Jamie At Home and his newest show, the 30 Minute Meals one.

The book isn't out here yet, but there are some recipes from it online. Tonight, I made the Trapani-Style Rigatoni and we really enjoyed it. You can make a partial amount of the pesto and it still comes out well. You'll want to quarter it for 2 servings! I was a little heavy handed with the basil. In the summer, with loads of good cherry tomatoes to use up from the garden, I would go heavier with those. The recipe is nice and flexible that way. Also, I had to substitute dried chili flakes for fresh chili--no problem.

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2paw said...

We have just had the series on TV here, and my friend has his book, but I haven't cooked anything from it. I do like his ice-cream!!