Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Yard Projects and April Blooms

It's that time of year for hauling mulch around to the beds and spreading it out.

The weather cooperated and we were able to burn the two brush piles. Jeff's in the picture for scale, behind the brush. At this point, the first pile was mostly burned (it started out taller than Jeff) and he soon got the second one started.

One yard project this season has been to continue our fence line. I've dug 3 fence post holes and had Jeff help attach the fence panels to the posts. I have one more post hole left to dig. Then, we have to get two more sections of fence, hinges and latches, to create a couple of gates. Here is one new corner and a gate will be hinged on the post to the left. I will eventually mulch the ground and perhaps move some pachysandra into the area as a nice ground cover around the lilacs and bird bath. I think a seat or bench would be a nice addition too.

These ruffled daffodils were planted before our time here and I just love seeing them each spring.

The forsythia is so golden with the sunlight illuminating the petals.

A plum tree is the first to bloom in our little 'orchard' of 7 trees.

I started these primroses from seed years ago and they come back each spring.

This is pachysandra that my grandmother, Jeff and I pulled up from the large patch at her house to transplant here. I like the emerald color and it is a great ground cover for a shady area and has spread vigorously. If you look closely, you can see that it's flowering now.

The Pig Squeak bloomed for the first time this year and I was so surprised. I sowed the seeds for it 7-8 years ago. The succulent leaf in the foreground is the one that goes with the flowers. I have two plants that never seem to grow and usually look like they are dying. While one specimen has finally made the effort to bloom, the other looks worse than ever!

These plants along the barn foundation aren't blooming yet, but they are growing a lot each day. On the left is a Bleeding Heart plant (since I took this pic it grew up to the 4th clapboard on the barn!) and the greens on the right are Bluebells. The green in the foreground is Sweet William. If I poke around in the mulch, I can find the Jack in the Pulpit, False Salomon Seal and Lilies of the Valley that come up here as well.

It is so fun to walk around spotting all the plants coming up including lilies, Cone flowers, Hostas, hardy geraniums, Jacob's Ladder, Columbine, Lunaria, etc...too many to post about! The pots in the cold frame are really taking off as well. Here is a tray of Clark's Morning Glories.

The newest jug sprouts include Parsley

and Acorn Squash.

It's very convenient that the lens on my compact camera fits right into the top of the jugs!

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