Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saffy, Silas and Bandit

The dogs played for hours while we burned the brush piles today. In these pictures you can get a good idea of how they like to play.

Silas pretty much has a toy the entire time and Saffy tries to get it from him. In this case, it was a tennis ball. Silas stood over her, baiting her with the toy, and she gaped at him. Looks like she's hoping he'll drop the ball into her mouth in this pic!

But it's not easy to extract a toy from Silas. Here Saffy tries a headlock/rabbit punch combo!

Perhaps threatening to bite an ear or jowl will help?

When wrestling gets tiring, there are bouts of all out chase!

Bandit is much more lethargic. He naps in his bed most of the day. He's been getting a couple of brushing sessions a day now that he's shedding like mad. There is often a static-y cloud of hair around him and it's sticking all over his bed!

He looks totally asleep here, but he was purring like an engine!

1 comment:

2paw said...

I love your fabulous photos of Saffy and Silas. It has just been like that INSIDE our house with a big play with a plastic cup. Much better outside. Does Saffy every win???
Glad Bandit is happy, they do purr like engines don't they???