Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dog Videos

We watched a lot of the Olympics and Saffy and Silas really loved the Olympic theme music. Saffy squeaked her toys along with it as shown in this video:

Silas likes to 'sing' along with a lot of different music. I don't have video of him singing with the Olympic music, but here is a video from a couple years ago to give you an idea. He especially loves horns and like the British Antiques Roadshow theme! I think the end credits from one of the Bridget Jones movies was playing in this case:


2paw said...

Silas is so funny!! Labradors appeared from everywhere, wearing their special alert and interested expressions and ears. All looking at the computer, tilting their heads!!!
Saffy is very clever to squeak in time too!!!!

Kristen said...

What talented dogs!

monica said...

OMG these videos are awesome! Saffy has really good rhythm and Silas' voice is quite deep. :)