Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some Shopping and Project Planning

Just after my birthday post, I got another present: a gift certificate to The Irish Ewe! (Thank you B!) So, after some deliberation, I am ordering the suggested yarns for two patterns.

First, I picked Cascade Sierra in ivory for the ‘shaped lace tee’ from Knitting Lingerie Style. (I assume I can wear this over a light tank or cami as otherwise it's a little too risque for me!) This will be my first pattern from the book. I am thinking of joining the Lingerie Style-Along to help keep me motivated through my predictable midway slump!

I don’t actually have the book yet, but I liked seeing a new book called Romantic Hand Knits at the bookstore recently and plan to get it and make the long gloves. They are knitted with a stretchy yarn which I think will be comfortable to wear, but I haven’t ever tried knitting with an elastic yarn before, so I hope it isn’t too tricky! (It will certainly be a change from the Summer Tweed I have on the needles now!) The yarn is Cascade Fixation in black. I’m not sure if there is a KAL for this book yet? Btw, there is a free pattern available from this book, but it's not the gloves.

I know I’m not being adventurous with color on these two upcoming projects, but I like the way they look in the books and since I am going with mail order and I can’t see the yarn colors in person, I think that’s the best way to choose this time.

It seems like there are quite a few new knitting books due to come out at the bookstore soon. In addition to those, there are all the yarn company fall pattern books to peruse! My must have so far is by RYC. I've become such a fan of their patterns and yarn this year. This is new for fall: RYC Tweed. I can't resist!

So pretty:

Sweet, don't you think?:

You can see more pictures from this book at The Knitting Garden. I think Jeff would actually like the men's 'Ross' sweater from this book.

I think I will get to Sakonnet Purls this weekend to get my copy. I got an email yesterday that the books are IN!

It is so fun to plan my knitting for another season, though I'll be working on my summer projects for awhile longer.


2paw said...

shaped Tee pattern as well, and I bought two I singlet type tops to wear underneath one - when I knit it!! It's a bit racy for me too without something underneath. Winter is just about over now so I'm looking forward to some Spring knitting now!!!

2paw said...

OK, I somehow forgot to type the part that said "I like the...." at the start of my comment. I hope it makes sense now!!!

Kristen said...

I'll have to see if my SIL frequents that shop. She lives in Denmark (ME), near Sweden, Norway, and Poland (ME)! I love Cascade Sierra and have made a shawl and a capelet with it.

Debby said...

I'm sorry we didn't make it to the shop in time, but I love the new projects you've chosen!

Robin of Yarn Crawl started a KAL for the Romantic Knits book. I think she has a link on her site. I would love to see the book in person soon and what projects you like from it.