Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Good Birthday!

It’s that day again, my birthday! As always, the weather is hot and humid, so I had to hurry to eat up my chocolate cupcake and vanilla ice cream before it melted!

I got some nice presents. Jeff got me new bike tires. Every woman wants tires for her birthday, right?! Well, this one does! They will replace my worn looking ones just in time. I knew my tires were worn down, but I didn't realize quite how bad they were until I saw the new ones! He also got me some new cycling gloves. It’s not all about the biking, so he picked out the DVD box set of Miss Marple Series 1 starring Geraldine McEwan. I really enjoy these sorts of shows! Also, a book by Iain Pears called The Portrait that I’ve been interested in reading for some time (I’ve read all his other books) and the Fall Vogue Knitting magazine came out just in time to be a birthday present too!

My parents sent me candies and things along with a book called, The Snoring Bird. (I once got to hear the author speak about ravens which was fascinating!)

I got a little cash too which will be useful for buying more yarn!

It was the year of slightly gross, but humorous cards, apparently. After the first two, I was slightly nervous opening the others! They aren’t anything too unseemly really, just pictures/cartoons of animals being, well, animals!

Jeff took the day off and we went to the town beach with the dogs. It was so much fun playing with them in the water! We went to the rocky section of the beach to avoid annoying people with our wet dogs! When they shake, the water sprays an amazing distance and we didn’t want to get dog water on sun bathers! Saffy likes to go in briefly and then immediately go up on the beach to roll after each dip! Silas would swim out to sea if we let him, he doesn’t seem to know any better. He loves to fetch sticks and look for things under the water. Here are a bunch of photos:

After all the fun on the beach, the dogs napped while Jeff and I went out to some shops, had a late lunch at Vinny T's and lattes at Starbucks.


Devorah said...

What a nice relaxed birthday. Many happy returns!

Kristen said...

Happy birthday! The weather can be a downside of midsummer birthdays, but I was always happy not to have to go to school on my b'day, and that I was the "right" age for my grade the entire school year.
I understand wanting practical gifts - after all, I got my manure and dirt for mine. Miss Marple is great, both the old series and the new. Enjoy all your goodies!

hege said...

Happy birthday!

Debby said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful birthday, and the dogs were happy to celebrate with you! I'm curious about your comment that Silas would swim out to sea if you let him. I didn't know dogs would do that!

Enjoy your new books and your new gloves and tires!! It's so nice that you got a little something for each of your interests.

Christina said...

happy belated birthday. I think you got great presents, I'd like some gloves too, I think. thanks for the tips on getting a road bike. i'll go on a hunt for magazines now - I quite fancy a 'giant' bike, though I may have to win the lottery first!!!

gorgeous photos of your dogs, aren't you lucky having a nice beach near you.

2paw said...

Happy Birthday!! What lovely presents, I like Miss Marple too!! I love the pictures of Saffy and Silas!! My erstwhile Lab, Tori, would swim up the river out of sight and far away too!! What fun the dogs are having, don't they love the water so much?!! Oh and your TdFKAL project?? Beautiful!!

Ina said...

Happy Birthday! Quite a nice haul!

Curly Cable said...

Hi, I've just come across your blog, and just wanted to wish you a rather belated Happy Birthday! Looks like you've had some fabulous pressies, and what better than settling down with some knitting and watching a good Miss Marple, I love her series too! I love your seaside pictures of your dogs, they look so cute, also sorry to sound like I'm going on, but I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your blog!