Friday, May 26, 2006

Spring Blossoms

When my mother saw the pics of my lace headband yesterday, she asked me to make one for her! So, I don't have any new knitting pics for you today as I am repeating a pattern using the same yarn too.

How about a pic of flowers in my butterfly garden instead? This is a Sweet Rocket. I wish you could smell it!! It's unbelievable sweet. I know this plant has a tendency to get invasive, but it's so beautiful and I love the way the scent drifts across my yard on just the slightest breeze.

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BrownMoose said...

The butterfly garden is beautiful. the Sweet Rocket must be a perennial? I have some seeds for Obedience Plant... would you swap some? I'll send pics of the OP. It can be invasive too, but also is lovely (very showy). LOVE the ribbed socks!