Monday, April 30, 2012

Indoor Seed Starting

Here are many of my small sized seed packets, somewhat organized. I am not good at keeping seed packets neat, but must try to do better so I know what I'm saving from year to year and use up older seeds first. Fortunately, nothing is older than 2011 at the moment.
I am so late starting seeds this year. Normally, I start them around March 15th and I had been thinking about starting some of the slower peppers a week or two earlier than that. This year, I sowed on April 29th! I know I won't have early harvests, but I think they will still grow and have plenty of time to mature. They should get a quicker start since the basement is warmer this time of year. In fact, the heat mats probably won't even be running much (they have a thermostat). And, I won't be tempted to put seedlings out too early and have the usual concern about cold nights.

Peppers (sweets and hots). I'll probably plant some of these in the hoop house so they have a longer growing season. From past experience, the habs, lemon hots and hole mole peppers will probably need the extra time and warmth.
Eggplants, raab and room for more...
I keep thinking that I should have managed to start the seeds on time despite having a new baby, but it's easy to say that now that I am getting sleep again. With feedings every two hours around the clock, I couldn't manage much else at the time!

I may sow some greens and herbs in the remaining space indoors, but most of my next sowing will be in the prepared pots waiting in the hoop house. Also, I need to do some direct sowing in the hoop house!


Kristen said...

The danger is always in planting too early rather than too late. It was 30 degrees here last night.
This year I'll once again probably just have some veggies in pots. I don't have a baby as an excuse for not getting a garden started!
James seems to be enjoying the spring days with you. Lucky boy to look forward to homegrown baby food!

2paw said...

I am in awe of your seed collection!! Wow.We have to be awry of frost here, not that I have anything planted that needs to be wary, but it burns the tips f the plants. It is a bit tricky. Happy planting!!!