Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

What a fun holiday season we've had! There was lots of feasting on a Christmas ham. I tried the brandied ham glaze recipe from the December issue of Everyday Food magazine and it tasted fantastic!

The table was set for a romantic dinner =)

And we had ham sandwiches for days and days and days afterwards, but it was so good we didn’t complain about it getting boring.

The dogs and cat got plenty of scraps. Bandit would meow every time he heard the ham dish come out of the fridge.

We had such fun getting the xmas surprises from friends and relatives and various things Jeff and I ordered for each other. I don't care that it makes me seem about 12, I will never be too old for stuffed toys! The Labrador puppy hand puppet is from my mother and really confused Saffy and Silas when I unwrapped it and started petting it.

After the last big snowstorm, Jeff and I cracked and bought a snow blower, so that ended up being our big Christmas present this year. Although there was no snow when it arrived, the snow started right after I took the pics and the ground was white within a short time.

The dogs turned the shipping box into a dog house...

until the snow began falling...

and all they wanted to do was jump for snowballs!

The snow is coming down fast! I wonder if my herbs will survive the winter this year? The rosemary still looks ok. Some years it makes it and other years I have to replace it with a new plant.

I'm not setting any specific New Year's resolutions, just looking forward to my knitting and usual activities after the lovely holiday diversion.

I wish everyone the best in 2010!!


2paw said...

That ham looks delicious!! There's something about the Christmas Ham that makes it yummy until it's all gone.
No-one here likes a stuffed toy, especially if it has eyes: then they want to tear it apart. The Labrador puppet is very cute!!
I love the picture of Saffy and Silas in the box, with Silas going 'Peepo'!! They are very leapy and having such fun in the snow!!
Happy New Year and wiggly waggly tails from The Labradors.

knitseashore said...

Stuffed animals make Christmas...I took mine out too to display in our dining room. I would miss them!

Glad Saffy and Silas enjoyed all of the snow!! If only I could get Chris to get a snowblower soon!

EmmieJDriskell said...
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