Friday, August 21, 2009


Jeff and I met up with Debby & Chris this morning for a little exploring in East Greenwich, RI. The guys were interested seeing a pretty amazing hobby shop that's been around since 1950 and has some very cool collectibles and projects as well as a lovable chocolate lab shop dog. Debby and I wanted to check out the newest yarn shop in RI called Unwind. It's a pleasing, welcoming shop. They already have a lot in stock, but promise that more is on the way. One nice thing about the shop was seeing a different range of yarn than I usually see at the shops I go to most often.

Oh, this first picture shows how murky it was on the island today. Crossing the Newport bridge was surreal, like we were high in the clouds! However, it was actually sunny in East Greenwich!

I bought the Noro Mini Knits Two book mainly for the first and last patterns in the book and plan to do the first one to start with.

Isn't it pretty? I wonder how my colors will stripe? Hopefully as nicely as the one in the book, even if it's a bit different.

The yarn is Noro Silk Garden Lite, same colorway as shown in the book.

Debby helped me decide whether to go ahead with this idea and was patient while I debated ;) I usually go into a store with a few ideas for patterns and yarns and therefore know pretty much what I will walk out with. This was an entirely spontaneous decision!! I am trying to focus mostly on Jeff's sweater at the moment, but will cast on for the Noro cardi soon.

I really loved a lot of the yarn at this shop. In particular, a worsted Lamb's Pride caught my eye. The color is called 'tormented teal'...hopefully that won't mean my knitting torments me if I try using it sometime! I want to find a simple v-neck pullover pattern and go back to get the yarn. I really loved the color!


Kristen said...

I'm looking forward to going to Unwind one of these days. I could walk there from my dad's! (Though I probably wouldn't on busy Post Rd.) Nice Noro patterns.

cindy said...

I see you have a great display of all your purchases from Unwind.The Noro book is a keeper.While I was there I bought some Ella Rae handpainted merino that is lovely. I am knitting a stole/scarf with it presently.
It was great to see you and Debbie there. How about a blogger meetup there?

knitseashore said...

Thank you so much for driving out to meet up with us (both days). We had such a great time with you and Jeff and I hope we can do it again soon.

Can't wait to see you start on that Noro sweater. The more I looked at your yarn, the more I liked it!!

Pam said...

The cardigan will be pretty - a good impulse to follow.

Alison said...

Spontaneity can be so good!