Thursday, March 12, 2009

'The Fox and Grapes'

I accidentally threw the dog's tatty old rope toy into a tree today. Silas was beside himself with frustration. He jumped straight up and tried running leaps to reach it. When that didn't work he barked, cried, moaned and groaned at it and me.


Urban Condition said...

nice dog. i have one to.
But my is chocolate.

take care

PD:pass to our blog maybe its be interesting

Valentina e Giovanna said...

uh what a beautiful dog! =) we hope you are nice,go on our blog

2paw said...

Poor Silas. He is a dog with a job, and he wants that toy!! Vundy would sit foir hours just staring at the roof if her ball went up there and you couldn't distract her with another identical ball. Oh no. You have left me in suspense though. Did he get his toy???!!!

Sarah said...

Silas still doesn't have his toy! I'm going to have to use a rake or something to reach up and free it tomorrow. He'll probably dream about it all night ;)

Kristen said...

Hi Sarah, it's good to have you back on the knitting blog!