Wednesday, August 14, 2013

RIP Silas

We lost our Silas on August 9th. The picture above is from August 5th. He became ill not long after we lost Saffy and it soon became clear that he had nose cancer. We kept him as comfortable as possible on antibiotics, steroids and pain killers. We made the most of the time we had left. He kept trying so hard. He was so happy to spend time in his paddle pool near the end. We miss him so much!!

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2paw said...

Oh, I am so sad, you have lost both your beautiful dogs. I can see that Silas was trying so hard and I love that part where he was lying in the pool and playing with James, he followed him around and paddled with his paws.
Peri and Gilly send you lots of waggy tails and happy smiles to help to ease your sorrow. Please take care. Love to you all. Saffy and Silas are with Harki, Tori and Vundy and I am sure they are all having a wonderful time together in Dog Heaven!!!