Monday, January 18, 2010

Trim and Weekend Things

Over the weekend, I got started on the trim for Maythorn. I'm working the sleeves and waist trim in parallel and fortunately the pattern is pretty easy to keep track of.

I'd probably have made more progress, but I kept stopping my work while watching Return to Cranford as it is hard to look away from that quality of filming and acting!

Pretty soon, I have to seam the body pieces so I know how long to make the trim. I'll have to do the front trim later on, it is a narrower version of the ones I'm doing now.

Shortly after my bout of felting awhile back, my washing machine broke. Well, it still washed, but had a tendency to flood without someone there to nudge the button ahead from the fill cycle to the swishy cycle. I don't know if the felting broke it or if it was a coincidence, but it made me feel a little paranoid. Since it has been through a couple of motors already and developed a sound like a load of rocks dumping onto pavement between cycles, we ordered a new washer over the weekend! It's Energy Star, but still top loading so if I dare to try the felting again I'll be able to stand over the washer and monitor the progress. I am so looking forward to not having to babysit the washing machine!

I prefer to spend my domestic time doing things like cooking! Over the weekend, I tried a new soup recipe. It's so simple, especially with the new immersion blender the in-laws got me for xmas. The recipe was in a recent Williams Sonoma catalog and is also available free on their website: White Bean Soup. I neglected to take a pic, but mine looked about the same as the one on the recipe page. I may have blended a tad more...the blender is my new favorite kitchen gadget. It's this one, in case you are wondering! I made a place for it in a drawer, but am using it so much it's hardly worth putting it away!!


madalyn said...

Don't you love your immersion blender? I got one for my birthday and LOVE it!

Kristen said...

We enjoyed the first Cranford and are waiting for the Return on DVD. After watching the program I read the book, which it was adapted from. (The show was actually pieced together from a few of Gaskell's books).

Not that I do much felting, but I miss my top-loading washer should the urge arise.

便秘 said...
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