Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yarn Crawl

Girl's Days Out with Debby are causing the rapid expansion of my yarn collection! I would have to admit I have a 'stash' now, but I am happy that nearly every skein is earmarked for a specific project.

Tuesday, we visited two shops in CT: Saybrook Yarn and Yarns Down Under.

At Saybrook Yarn, I found great handles for the Louisa Harding "Mermaid" bag I was still just planning to make at that point.

At Yarns Down Under, I added two books to my Louisa Harding library!

And, I bought her Mulberry yarn in black to make this pretty tee which I saw knitted up as a shop sample.

There is knitting happening in addition to shopping! I am working on the finishing of Jeff's Appersett sweater (the shoulder seams are bothering me, I've done the neck and sewn in the sleeves though, so I don't want to frog all that to fuss with the shoulders...not sure what the 'right' way would have been to do the shoulders...) and the lace trim and finishing details of my Mallow shrug which is going smoothly. Yesterday, I knitted the Mermaid bag and now just need to seam and make the twisted cords and find some beads or other ornament for it.

You can see, I am cutting it very close with the yarn. That is all I have left from 2 balls. I hope it is enough for at least one twisted cord!


Kristen said...

You seem to be single-handedly keeping Louisa harding in business (well, with a little help from Debby)!

2paw said...

What a lovely time you have!!! That top is so pretty and the Mermaid bag is lovely. Obviously it's a great bag because you couldn't resist knitting it!!