Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Feverish, Almost An FO

I am sick with the flu, so I haven't been feeling up for much lately. In fact, I started this post on the 25th and didn't manage to finish it 'til today! The flower pics are from the 25th when the snowdrops were just going by.

The crocus were getting started and are still going strong now.

The frilly daffodils are still on their way to blooming.

Shoots like the bleeding heart are coming along now, if I can keep the rabbits from devouring them or digging them up.

Black Raspberry just needs a little more seaming (just the sleeve seams, but the tricky caps are done) and some ends need to be woven in. I was happy to get the neckline done as it was a little tricky for me to reverse the shaping.

The new PS3 has been good entertainment while being sick. I have played Motorstorm and have opened all the tracks and and gotten over 500 points. I tried playing online one day and won one race, but in other races I got pushed all over the place by the other drivers and didn't do so well. Jeff and I like the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune game, but he is more coordinated at it than I am and has already gotten to the end once.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Fever

Unfortunately, I mean 'spring fever' quite literally. Jeff has a cold and I'm afraid I'm getting it too!

But, in the other sense of spring fever, we are all looking forward to warmer weather. Today, we have gray skies and rain. Yesterday, we had a real taste of spring with temps in the 50's and bright sunshine. I did a 20 mile bike ride and also spent time outside with the dogs who have more energy than ever.

Silas wanted me to kick this tennis ball for him over and over...I may have leg strain now!

He likes to collect as many toys as he can.

He rolled so many times! I think his winter coat must be feeling itchy now and getting ready to shed.

Saffy just wanted to crawl under the wood pile and chew on old sticks, not so great for picture taking.

For some time while the dogs played together, I looked for sprouts in the garden and found this little lupine...

and a bit of hyssop coming along...

though the rabbits have done a lot of damage this winter. Feasting on my plants and digging too!

We have been updating the electronics around the house in the last few months and recently got a new 50" plasma TV, a *huge* upgrade from the 19" one we'd had since about 1996! Last night, we got a Play Station 3 to hook up to it and Jeff has been playing Motorstorm. Here he is just starting out, in last place and about to hit a wall, LOL! He's getting better now.

He was able to put down the controls couple of times so I could try too, and it is addictive! I was really bad at first, but then managed to spend most of one round in 1st place! The trouble is that when I get into the top places, I get excited and make mistakes and crash. So, I'm still not out of the first level! We got a 'treasure hunt' type game to try soon too. Mainly we got the PS3 for playing BlueRay DVD's though. Now, all we need to complete our technology update is surround sound! It's just a matter now of figuring out which receiver and speakers to get.

You know, playing Motorstorm reminded me of a Smack the Pony sketch that I think is sooo funny, called 'Girlie Driver'. Luckily, you can see it on YouTube!

Have a Happy Weekend!

Friday, March 14, 2008

OMG, Crochet!

Just edging for a neckline, but the only successful crocheting I've ever done. Ta Da!

I really like the way this tidies up the edge and definitely want to try it again. I followed the directions in the back of the book: Victorian Lace Today.

As soon as the neckline was done, I pulled it on over the boring white tee shirt I had on and snapped a pic. You can see a pucker at the top of the sleeve in this picture, but that seemed to relax out as I wore it. I don't think it helped that my tee shirt was wrinkled up under it! Anyway, I haven't woven in the ends from seaming the sleeves, so if I need to, I can try to sew the cap better.

The length worked out well as it covers the belt band of my jeans and there is no danger of tummy hanging out. Despite tummy coverage, it does seem a little risque! I'll have to get just the right tank to go under it, if it is going to see the light of day. And, the weather will have to get *a lot* warmer ;-)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nearly There!

It still needs a crochet trim along the neckline. That will be a first for me. I have a few ends to weave in as well. I have left them trailing while debating about whether to tweak the sleeve seams a little. Don't the sleeves look funny? Fortunately, they do form to the shape of the arm when it's on.


Front sleeve seam detail:

Upper back:

Back sleeve seam detail:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scarf FO and an Award

I finished up another Misty Garden scarf today. It will go in the 'present drawer' and I'll probably give it to someone on my Christmas list.

I owe BelayBunny a big Thank You for this award!

Thanks for thinking of me!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Starting Up Again

Hi friends! Thanks so much for the comments on my last post. I appreciated all your kind thoughts. And, I will post pictures of some of my grandmother's knits soon. I have quite a few!

I didn't knit a stitch for ages, but started up again yesterday to finish the body of the Noni Bag. I am not entirely sure I picked up the stitches right for the ends, but I'm hoping it will be ok. It appears that the seams go on the outside of the bag for structure and will be disguised by the felting. I think...

Anyway, here's the bag.

And a detail pic of an end.

This is just a quick post for now. I promise to work on being a better blogger!