Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Feverish, Almost An FO

I am sick with the flu, so I haven't been feeling up for much lately. In fact, I started this post on the 25th and didn't manage to finish it 'til today! The flower pics are from the 25th when the snowdrops were just going by.

The crocus were getting started and are still going strong now.

The frilly daffodils are still on their way to blooming.

Shoots like the bleeding heart are coming along now, if I can keep the rabbits from devouring them or digging them up.

Black Raspberry just needs a little more seaming (just the sleeve seams, but the tricky caps are done) and some ends need to be woven in. I was happy to get the neckline done as it was a little tricky for me to reverse the shaping.

The new PS3 has been good entertainment while being sick. I have played Motorstorm and have opened all the tracks and and gotten over 500 points. I tried playing online one day and won one race, but in other races I got pushed all over the place by the other drivers and didn't do so well. Jeff and I like the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune game, but he is more coordinated at it than I am and has already gotten to the end once.


Kristen said...

You have sure had a rough winter; I hope you are back in the pink soon.
You did a great job with the black raspberry neckline. I know the pattern editors are trying to save space when they just say 'reverse the shaping', but projects would go a lot faster if they would just spell it out for us!

blog-blethers said...

Isn't it wonderful seeing those first bursts of spring in the garden?

Hopw you are over the worst of your cold now. We've all been hit with it here too, leaving us all miserable and puckered out.

Lynne said...

Gosh, hope you are feeling much better soon!
The flowers are looking pretty!

Devorah said...

The flu is the pits! Sorry it caught you. Black raspberry looks good, at least.

knitseashore said...

You are so lucky to have all of those flowers. Our yard still looks a little bare, but I bought some pansies today.

I hope you are feeling better soon! Black Raspberry looks great -- I'm admiring your V-neck especially, as I have a lot of trouble with those. Yours looks perfect.

Curly Cable said...

Hope your feeling better now from the flu bug. Lovely flower pictures thank you for sharing.
Black Raspberry is looking super, must add that pattern to my never ending to do list.

belaybunny said...

Sorry you've been feeling ill - fingers crossed you're better asap. I love the raspberry top it's a gorgeous colour.

2paw said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better soon. The flu has been particularly bad Over There this year, our flu Vacs ahve been delayed while they change the strains to up the protection. I always write each line of pattern in my Knitting Journal as I obsess about having all pieces the same, so I write out the reversals. "Ha' to them!!! The neck looks very good!!