Monday, March 20, 2006

Keeping the dog amused =)

What happened tonight when I was picking up scraps of yarn:

Saffy in pigtails!

(Saffy's really good at making faces just as I take the picture.)


BrownMoose said...

Saffy is SO cute (love the faces AND the pony tails!)

BrownMoose said...
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BrownMoose said...

I like the new features, the art faces are clever and the 101 Things About Sarah is a neat idea too. I tried the face thing and ended up a bald, one-eyed person! LOL. Both of yours came out great.

(As many times as I proof read that one little paragraph, I posted it and found more mistakes. Couldn't stand it, wanted to edit, but had to delete and start over. Same message, fewer mistakes I hope!!)