Monday, May 07, 2007

NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour

Jeff and I participated in the 5 Boro Tour this weekend. I'm a bit overtired from our adventure, but I want to get something on the blog about it! So, here's a rather picture heavy post!

We caught the train from the stop in Milford, CT, about 4:30am. You can see in this picture that a lot of cyclists were waiting on the platform with us.

Cyclists got on at every stop on the way into the city and bikes were stacked anywhere they fit!

This is Jeff next to the train in Grand Central Station.

Here's Jeff in Grand Central Station again. It was so neat to see all the bikes!

At the beginning of the ride, we were standing between Trinity Church and the American Stock Exchange. Some religious leaders performed a blessing from the pedestrian bridge over the street. You can see the smoke from the incense in the picture and the wind blew it right to us!

Trinity Church is so lovely. I had fun looking at all the spires while we waited for the procession of bikes to begin.

Here's Jeff along with Chris, Debby, Larry and Hector!

Jeff, on the way to Central Park.

This was one of my favorite views. I loved the light and clouds and the way the reflective buildings looked!

Cyclists on the way to Central Park. I mostly have pictures from this part of the ride since it was slow going.

The light was so pretty here, I just happened to look at the right moment and had some space to stop in to take a pic. We saw lots of wonderful views, but it wasn't always easy to stop, so I only got a few scenery pics.

We rode the Staten Island Ferry back to Battery Park. We were all in the center area of the car deck! We could see the city views a little through the big doors at each end and had a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty as well!

Finally, this is a photo that Larry took of Jeff and I. I'm in the blue jacket and Jeff is behind me in the white shirt, waving.

I actually spotted Devorah riding with her family and called to her, but unfortunately wasn't able to get her attention in the crowd! It was an especially busy spot near the exit of a rest stop. I looked for Ina with her handlebar kitty, but couldn't find her. Considering how many people were there (42,000), it's astounding that our little group of six was able to stay in contact throughout the ride and that I even caught a glimpse of the Squids!

Lastly, here's a map of the route we did (from the Tour website).


Anonymous said...

You got some great photos of a beautiful day in the city. Glad you had a memorable ride!

Devorah said...

Oh! I'm sorry I missed you! Sounds like you guys had a better ride then we did. Glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

It was just like that! -J

Anonymous said...

A great post!! I still smile when I think of all those bikes on the train, and the runners. The views were incredible, and I'm so glad we were able to share the experience with you.

Ina said...

Sorry I missed you! I've always wondered what Grand Central looks like on BNY day. But what a long, grueling day. (I've provided the organizers with my feedback.)

Unknown said...

Awsome pictures, Sarah! Maybe we can meet up and do it together someday!