Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scenic Saturday Biking

Saturday, Debby and Chris met me in Tiverton (Jeff had to do overtime at work =( ) and we went for a ride around the picturesque, historic towns of Tiverton and Little Compton, Rhode Island.

At the point, we paused to enjoy the view across the Sakonnet of Aquidneck Island. You can just see the Gothic belltower at St. George’s School and at the far left of the picture are the towers of the Newport Bridge.

We circled The Commons in Little Compton to admire the old meeting house and burying ground there. One of the graves is the resting place of the first European girl born in New England, Elizabeth Alden.

I snapped this picture of Debby and Chris while they looked at the burying ground and took pictures as well.

There are many old slate stones decorated with interesting carvings of skulls and inscriptions using some unique spellings. Here are two examples in pictures I took several years ago.

It was a beautiful day, really quite fall-like with cool breezes. We didn’t make it to Sakonnet Purls before closing time, but we did go to Gray’s for ice cream!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry we didn't make it to SP, but we had a wonderful time as always! Lots of good hill practice, along with the gorgeous scenery. I hope Jeff is able to get out soon.

Anonymous said...

Had a wonderful time - great recovery ride and FANTASTIC pics as usual (funny how many of my compositions are almost identical LOL!).

Missed Jeff - I just hope his office didn't have a window that would let the beautiful day taunt him. Looking forward to riding with you guys again soon!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful ride on a beautiful day. Both my niece and my nephew who grew up in LC had their weddings in that church. The cemetery is a great place to stroll and peruse history via the gravestones.