Thursday, September 03, 2009

Update to Today's Earlier Post

I went back to the Louisa Harding wall at The Knitting Corner this afternoon to get Debby a spare ball of kimono ribbon, but also to look for a few more things for me that I'd mentioned I was thinking about in the earlier post.

First, I changed out the glisten yarn with another kimono ribbon in a complimentary color. The difference in width won't be a problem for a shawl. So, here's the current selection for my version of Periwinkle.

The lonely sari ribbon now has company...enough yarns to do another Periwinkle. I am not sure whether to use the gray fauve shown in the group shot...

or this blue one. I'm leaning toward the gray for now. I guess I could end up using the blue as well, if I alternated it with the rows that would be done in gray.

Amazingly, I found just the right amount of flotsam for the shrug in Swallowtail that caught my eye. It was exactly the color I was looking for and on sale for 40% off! What luck!

The shrug shown in Swallowtail.

I have ended up with one ball of glisten without a project in mind, so I'll have to look for ideas for it on Ravelry. Maybe I can use it for a trim on something eventually. Any ideas?

Haven't I done well shopping? And everything is arranged in little 'kits' except for the glisten and maybe the blue fauve.


2paw said...

Wow, you have been busy shopping. The yarns all co-ordinate beautifully. Sadly I have no ideas for you. I have had a cup of tea but my brain is still not working!! I do think searching for projects made with the yarn on The Ravelry is an excellent idea. I do that!!

knitseashore said...

I can't tell from the photos if the Glisten would go color or texture wise with the Flotsam to make a tie for the shrug. It looks like it has a little belt?

I love the idea of the trim for mitts, or some of her little flowers to decorate a scarf, mitts, purse, or even a beret! I'm sure you'll figure it out when the time is right.

That's what I tell myself with the two skeins of blue and ivory ribbon yarn I found last month. :)