Friday, August 21, 2009


Jeff and I met up with Debby & Chris this morning for a little exploring in East Greenwich, RI. The guys were interested seeing a pretty amazing hobby shop that's been around since 1950 and has some very cool collectibles and projects as well as a lovable chocolate lab shop dog. Debby and I wanted to check out the newest yarn shop in RI called Unwind. It's a pleasing, welcoming shop. They already have a lot in stock, but promise that more is on the way. One nice thing about the shop was seeing a different range of yarn than I usually see at the shops I go to most often.

Oh, this first picture shows how murky it was on the island today. Crossing the Newport bridge was surreal, like we were high in the clouds! However, it was actually sunny in East Greenwich!

I bought the Noro Mini Knits Two book mainly for the first and last patterns in the book and plan to do the first one to start with.

Isn't it pretty? I wonder how my colors will stripe? Hopefully as nicely as the one in the book, even if it's a bit different.

The yarn is Noro Silk Garden Lite, same colorway as shown in the book.

Debby helped me decide whether to go ahead with this idea and was patient while I debated ;) I usually go into a store with a few ideas for patterns and yarns and therefore know pretty much what I will walk out with. This was an entirely spontaneous decision!! I am trying to focus mostly on Jeff's sweater at the moment, but will cast on for the Noro cardi soon.

I really loved a lot of the yarn at this shop. In particular, a worsted Lamb's Pride caught my eye. The color is called 'tormented teal'...hopefully that won't mean my knitting torments me if I try using it sometime! I want to find a simple v-neck pullover pattern and go back to get the yarn. I really loved the color!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Knitting for Jeff

I've yet to make a sweater for Jeff, so I've been thinking it's time to try one. We recently picked out a couple he likes and I decided to start with an easier one on rather large needles.

Our friends Debby & Chris were visiting for the weekend, so Debby and I got to shop at Sakonnet Purls together and then go to Gray's Ice Cream with the guys.

On our shopping outing, I was able to find the book and yarn for Jeff's sweater. The book is The British Sheep Breeds Collection by Rowan that features patterns for the Purelife collection of wool using natural colors from specific breeds of sheep. I picked out the mid brown Jacob.

Here's the sweater, called Appersett, as shown in the book.

I began knitting it on Sunday evening and finished the back and got the front ribbing done by Tuesday night. Got to love those 10 and 10.5 needles!!

The stitch pattern causes a little curve to the bottom edge, a little like a shirt-tail hem. A bit of blocking should even out the curve some.

I also got the pattern book for another sweater Jeff likes, called All Seasons at the Mill. I really like the cotton yarn. Jeff likes the color blocked sweater and I like the hooded tunic, both shown on the front bottom row (cover pic from the Rowan site).

I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress, of course!

Monday, August 03, 2009

My Birthday Weekend!

Sunday is a good day for a birthday, Jeff and I celebrated all weekend getting things done and buying some new things.

Saturday, we drove over to Tiverton for ice creams at Gray's and a little yarn shopping for me at Sakonnet Purls. I also took along my Serenity shrug to pick out a button for it. The women at Sakonnet Purls complimented my shrug and helped me pick just the right button from the overwhelming selection! What do you think?

I bought the Heartfelt book so I could make the scarf called Haven with some lovely soft Rowan cocoon yarn I also picked out. I've had my eye on this scarf and yarn since the book came out! I started on the size 11 needles the pattern suggested, but quite quickly decided to rip back and start again with size 10.5. I am clumsy with the 11's and it seemed too loose. I'm happy with it now! Also, I decided not to slip the first stitch of each row and am just knitting the edges in garter stitch. That's easier for me with the big needles. It is pretty so far, but I can tell by stretching it a bit that it will really benefit from a little blocking.

On Saturday, we also bought a new lawn mower and did a bunch of yard work. That went well except for when I tossed a big armful of brush onto the burn pile and a moment later noticed my middle finger on the left hand feeling weird. I looked down to see it swelling and turning purple! It is still a little messed up, so I am trying not to use it. I have accidentally opened the kitchen cabinets with it and the worst feeling was forgetting and using it to pull out the top rack of the dishwasher! Ouch!!

On my birthday, we got my cake and ice cream and did a grocery shop for dinner as I decided I wanted one of my own favorite recipes...tortellini with peas and prosciutto in a parm cream sauce. My cake melted in the heat a bit, but it was beautiful and delicious. We'll be having leftovers for awhile!

One of our projects this weekend was to build a compost bin to replace the old, small one. I had thought up a design for it awhile ago. It is three fence sections from Home Depot: 1 for the back, one cut in two for the sides and one for the front. The side ones are fixed to the back with L brackets and a couple of braces for stability.
The removable front section attaches with a couple of eye hooks.

We are going to staple some sections of chicken wire to the inside and then it will be ready to put in place in the corner of the garden. I'll probably cut a section of chicken wire to lay over the top to keep leaves from blowing out of it in fall. Do you like my design?

It's so wet for the garden this year, but there are still flowers to enjoy while we work or play outside.
brown-eyed susan:

a variety of bee balm (lower leaves are molded...):

butterfly bushes:

I am still not seeing many butterflies. In all the time I was out in the yard this morning, I only saw *1* monarch...other years there would be several at least.

Well, that's a sampling of things from my fun birthday weekend! Here's just one last picture to give you some idea of the dog's level of energy at this point in the summer.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Ack! More Ends to Weave In!

I really have to make myself do some finishing work...weaving in ends, steaming/ironing. Here is your first look at my Serenity from Rowan Studio 15, a cropped cardi. The pattern shows it with a lace collar motif. As I was knitting it, I was pretty sure I would skip that which is a good thing as I doubt I'd have had enough yarn! (I did add 6 rows to the sleeves.) The collar bit would have been nice for covering up the shaping around the neckline, but I think it will be ok, especially after a little steaming.

I am trying to decide what sort of button to pick out...hoping something will catch my eye the next time I'm at Sakonnet Purls.

This was so quick to knit as I cast on the night of July 28th, and only really got going on it on the 29th. I cast off the last stitch last night!