Monday, August 28, 2006

Central Park Hoodie Yarn Selection

I want an economical yarn for my Hoodie, so I have chosen to use Cascade 220. I worked out my gauge today and will go up to size 10 and 8 needles. The color I chose at Fabric Place last week when I got just one skein to test out gauge, was no longer available when I tried to buy it today. Fortunately, I was able to find it on ebay a few minutes ago and I placed an order. It's called 'bluestone'. Hopefully it will arrive promptly and I'll be able to get started with the rest of the KAL participants!

Mountain Biking is Addictive!

My husband and I have been biking every day lately. Over the weekend, we did some mountain biking at two different wildlife management areas. We tackled hills, roots and rocks and crossed streams on little bridges. Here's a pic of the 'easy' section of the 'Breakheart Trail'! That's my husband at the top of the hill.

We both did pretty well, but I did fall once while hopping over a wet log. My bike skidded to the left while I went to the right! It wasn't too bad, I just had a cut and some bruises. I'd never fallen before, so I suppose it was actually sort of good that it happened and wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated. I don't have as much fear of falling now.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Dogs Love Veggies

Here's Saffy eating a zuke while Silas thinks about stealing it from her!

I'm Back!

I think my computer is stable again, finally!

Here's a pic of sunflowers in my veggie garden.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Computer Trouble

My computer keeps crashing, so I'm having trouble getting anything done on it. I'll try to make a real post soon!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend Shopping

I did a little craft shopping over the weekend. I bought Vogue Knitting magazine which has some lovely gray, cabled sweater patterns to choose from. I placed an online order for size 11 needles (dpn's and circular) from Purl for an upcoming project that I'll blog about in detail soon. Also, I finally got to Fabric Place to purchase some lining material for my cabled handbags. Here's what I picked out:

I spent some time scoping out yarn for the Central Park Hoodie online and at Fabric Place, but I haven't made a decision yet. Actually, She Knits By the Seashore and I are going to meet soon to look for ideas together at a local yarn shop.

Dinner, Apocalypse and a Movie

Last Wednesday, we celebrated my birthday by going out to dinner at an Indian restaurant. We had delicious vindaloo and naan and frozen mango drinks. At the end of the meal, a huge lightning storm erupted over the area and there were lots of close strikes and high winds. We made our way home around several detours including downed trees and transformer fires on telephone poles! We'd been planning to go see a movie after dinner, but decided that we'd better go home because of the storm and check on the pets. Fortunately, things were a lot calmer at home and since the atmosphere settled down, we decided to go to the late showing of the movie after all. We saw The Devil Wears Prada and loved it! So, other than the scary storm, it was a great birthday.

At Barnes and Noble the next day, I bought a paperback copy of The Devil Wears Prada to read it and compare it to the movie. The book was slightly different, but also very entertaining! Since I liked that book, I picked up the author's other book, Everyone Worth Knowing, and read that over the weekend. I thought it was also good, despite its not so stellar reviews on Amazon. I don't usually read 'chic-lit', but these two books were good, light summer reading.

I'm still working on the right front of Tulips. I was distracted from knitting over the past few days by the books, but will work hard on it today.

I'm a little behind with my blogging and have a bunch more to talk about. I'll write another post soon and have some pics too!